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Android N Developer Preview – Cool new features

Android N Developer Preview, a Beta version of Google’s upcoming Operating System Android N, was launched on Wednesday! It was previously expected to be launched in May 2016 at Google I/O, the annual conference focused on software development held by Google in San Francisco, California.

However, Google chose to surprise the anxious consumers as well as developers!


Android N Developer Preview for the Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Pixel C Nexus 9 has been made available as an over-the-air update by Google! Which means no need to connect your smartphone to PC to download the update, you can download it directly to your Device!

Excited to try out the new update? Get it here, from the official site of Google!

As you move on to test its new features, make sure you don’t miss out on any of these specialities Android N has to offer! Yes, Google left no stone unturned to woo the customers and keep them glued to Androids after the much criticised failures encountered in Android Marshmallow (and subsequent updates). Given the fair share of impressive hidden features Android Marshamallow offered, it was bitterly sweet for some people who had to wait months to fix their problems (some still haven’t).

So, here we go with all the lovely features Android N has to present you :

1. Data Saver :


This one is extremely helpful for those who are on pay-on-the-go or prepaid connection.

Google has always ensured that your data consumption isn’t the reason for your high mobile bills. Be it Google Chrome (which compresses the data upto 70%), Google Weblight (which enhances your browsing experience by compressing web pages which you want to visit/load), optional “Load Image” feature in browser or the OS itself, you can leave alone your worries of too much data consumption.

You can turn this feature on from settings and you shall have this confirmation :

Background Data is only available via Wifi. This may affect some apps or services when Wifi is not available.

Worried how your Instant Messaging or Mail services will run now? Your Smartphone allows you to choose exceptional “Selected Apps” which will be allowed data access despite having this feature on.

2. Improved Battery Life :

Yes! Finally the answer to all those prayers! This one is a relief for the large number of users who encountered the Battery Drain issue in Android Marshmallow.

A battery-saving feature, called Doze that places an Android device into a deep power-savings mode when it is stationary for a while, has been modified in Android N to allow Doze to work whenever the screen is OFF!

So, the overall power consumption in StandBy mode is reduced significantly.

3. Multi-Window

This feature allows users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, a much needed feature in Tablets. It allows splitting of screen vertically as well as horizontally.


So, now you can check weather while browsing through your news feed or book movie tickets while chatting with a friend.

4. Picture-In-Picture

Again, a very beneficial feature for those having large screen smartphones or tablets!
Google describes it as :

“Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode lets apps run a video activity in the pinned window while another activity continues in the background. The PIP window lets users multitask while using your app, which helps users be more productive.”

Now you can view that presentation on your screen while simultaneously Video Calling with that potential Business partner or take interviews of an applicant while viewing his Resumè! Cool, isn’t it?

5. “Direct Reply” and Improved Notification Panel

A “Direct Reply” allows users to reply to incoming notifications of messages directly from the notification panel without the need to launch that particular app.


This means you can reply directly to that SMS, Tweet or WhatsApp! Very beneficial when you’re short on time and don’t wanna miss replying because of your hurry or busy schedule!

The notification panel is powerful too, and as a Great Man once said, ” With Great Powers come Great Responsibilities! “, the notification panel stands true to them.

All the alerts from a particular app are bundled together in notification panel, enabling users to see them as collapsed and expand individually according to their wish.

All of that sounds awesome, made me more anxious for the launch of Android N!


Speculations are that N stands for “Nutella” (I hope it doesn’t because I love Nutella and I might just eat someone’s tablet when they say it’s Nutella :P), do you have an alternate name in mind? Do share as I’m curious to hear them!

Till then, always for you, your very own help to the technology, YourTechSage!



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