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Android Marshmallow : Common issues, bugs and Resolution

Android Marshmallow brings out a score of new features (some of which are hidden), but also comes with its fair share of bugs and issues. Although I am not experiencing much of them, after going through comments/reviews on PlayStore and various other forums, I couldn’t help but notice the large number of problems,  some of which are very serious, faced by various users on various devices.

A Rose is accompanied by thorns. Let’s see some of the problems (with possible solutions) which users are experiencing. Before starting, again I would like to clarify that each of these problems are on individual basis, differ from person-to-person, device-to-device, hence, cannot be universally accepted issues. Some users aren’t facing any of the problems, some (Say Nexus 6P) devices are encountering the trouble whereas the exact same device of another person possess no problems. Hence, only the most commonly occurring ones are listed here.

1. Battery Life

Problem : Users experience that their phone’s battery is draining faster than expected.

Common Devices : Nexus 5, Nexus 6P

Soultion :

First of all, let’s be aware of a fact; Battery drainage problems are extremely common following a major Android Upgrade. Give the software some time to settle down, it can take upto few days to get sorted out on its own. Wait two days, if you don’t see improvements, you need to follow some measures which are mentioned here.

Secondly, you may find the solution on Google or some forums to “factory reset your phone” in order to solve the problem. My advice, DO NOT, unless there is no other alternative.

Thirdly, ensure your device is updated to the latest version. The January Security updates are already out.

2. Charging

Problem : Users experience their devices charge slowly/not charging/do not boot up.


Do not haste, ensure that you are using the original charger meant for your device. Try swapping it with other charger (borrowed one) having same ratings to see if problem still persists.

Try using the USB to charge the device (for those users experiencing no charge) using your laptop.

Nothing works? Try out this video.

3. Data

Problem : Some users claimed that their celluar network/data is hampered after the update. (NOTE : Most users claim that their celluar data issues were FIXED following Android 6.0 update)

Devices : Nexus 5 (some rare ones)

Solution : Ensure that your network provider is issue free and the services are working for other users.

Next, a large number of users replied that their issue was fixed following simple actions such as

• Restart the Device.

• Switching to Airplane Mode and back to normal.


4. Wifi

Problem : Wifi doesn’t work/connect

Devices : Nexus 5

Solution : After ensuring you router is working properly, head over to your device.
Go to Settings, then Connections and choose ‘Forget Connection’ and reconnect.
Not working? Try out different frequencies if you’re comfortable with it. Tap on ‘three dots’ to bring the Advanced Menu and go to Wifi Frequency Bands and test them. Although, remember, if you forget or mess up, simply let it set to defaults.

If none of this works, try updating your applications. Still not helpful? Boot in safe mode as represented here and single out the problems for each app.

5. Bluetooth

Problem : Bluetooth not starting/not connecting to other devices/not working

Solution : The problem is a case to case one as can be seen here.

Try out these basic actions :

• Switch off and on the bluetooth.

• Forget the connection, by going into Bluetooth Settings, and reconnecting

If this doesn’t work, try booting in safe mode to sort out problems as safe mode disables third party apps enabling you to find the real cuplrit. Click to know how!

6. Performance :

Problem : A large number of users are experiencing a lag, less performing device after the update

Devices : Nexus 5X, Nexus 6

Solution : Variety of steps you can follow to get rid of this issue are  as follows:

Clear your device’s cache partition as mentioned here.

• Utilise Android Marshmallow’s new RAM Manager Tool present inside the apps menu to monitor the activity of your device. It allows you to see which applications are slowing down your device.

• Try deleting files you no longer need, cut short on widgets, free your device from extra animations and similar actions if you really want performance from your device.

7. Apps

Problem : Some applications are not working

Solution : Again, a scenario varying with case as seen here.

Any application will obviously encounter bugs when running on a completely new upgraded system.

Ensure all your applications are updated to latest version, let the developer community for that particular application know of your issue. Unfortunately, this issue can only be resolved from your app developer so wait till they provide updates, which shouldn’t take more than a few days (or weeks at max).

Other Issues :

• Random Reboots
• Blank Screen on Call Picking/Ending
• Black Screen during application usage or working
• Clock Lagging (Nexus slowing down time now!)

Finally if nothing works, you can try out the endgame steps as mentioned here, but approach them only as a last hope.

Phew, that was very awkward as praising words wouldn’t stop falling since I upgraded my device. Not to lose hope as the updates will sort out all problems as time passes by. Till then, let’s manage and keep a keen eye on updates.

Having some other issues? Found any better solutions to those mentioned above? I’m eager to hear from you, always, YourTechSage!



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