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Android Marshmallow : Battery Issue and Resolution

Android Marshmallow has turned out way too sweet for some devices to digest, hence it’s consuming too much of digestive juice (apparently battery) from devices.

A large number of users have complained about battery draining issues after the upgrade, so here are some helpful tweaks to tackle the issue. Let me remind you, implement these tactics only after giving your device a proper time as mentioned here. So, let’s begin :

1. Find out the culprit apps :

Truth be told, this is where you should begin. Instead of yelling straightaway at Google, you might wanna reconsider your own apps which may be hogging down your device’s resources, resulting in a quickly draining battery. So go ahead and abuse Google go ahead and perform these steps :

● Go to Battery section in Settings, analyse the consumption of power by various applications. Android Marshmallow has extended features for this too, as now it allows you to monitor features such as Flashlight and Camera!

One of the possible culprits could be SnapChat (ladies, beware!) as it utilises camera. Solution? Simply restrict it’s access by application, again an awesome feature from Marshmallow.

Try re-installing the app as it has worked for many users.

No help still? Alert the developers or find alternative app for the time being.

2. Restarting the device :

An app may be consuming resources for a long time, consider restarting the device if you haven’t done it for a few days.

3. Disable unnecessary services :

Ensure good using habits, keep Wifi, GPS, Google Maps, Mobile Data switched off unless you are using them. Keeping them on all the time obviously will result in fast drainage of battery.

Additionally, ensure that it’s not the poor reception of network which is the root cause. Phone tend to consume much more battery if it is struggling to get network reception.

4. Managing Screen settings :

Even though most devices allow sensors to automatically adjust screen brightness, sometimes it works, sometimes don’t.

So adjust brightness manually to better suit your need and you also save on the extra power as system won’t need to keep an extra process+sensors on for this.

Go to Settings -> Display and Turn off ‘Adaptive Brightness’

Note, this doesn’t mean keeping your brightness low as it highly affects your vision damaging your eyes. I suggest you keep the brightness high enough for your eyes’ comfort.

5. Switch Launchers (if you’re using one) :

Although this is a rare case, you might wanna utilise alternative launchers than your current one and see if it affects the battery issue.

If all this doesn’t seem to work, you may wanna try these end of the line steps, but a gentle reminder, move to them only and only when you have no alternative.

Always keep an eye for updates, ensure your device is updated to latest version and enjoy your Android Marshmallow!

Got any better tips? Unable to implement any of the tweaks above? I’m eager to help you out, always, your very own, YourTechSage!



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